The Cayman Islands are your wedding destination!

It’s no wonder that the Cayman Islands are a very popular wedding destination. Their abundant natural beauty, numerous attractions, and temperate climate are just a few reasons that many couples dream of marrying there

The Caymans consist of three islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. The islands are rather small at 76, 14, and 10 square miles respectively. The weather is warm year round, with trade winds that prevent it from getting unbearably hot. They are located 480 miles south of Miami, Florida.

The tiny islands are the home of breathtaking beaches, one of the most popular attractions to couples looking for a wedding destination. Seven Mile Beach, located on Grand Cayman, is known worldwide for its beauty. It is a frequent destination for wedding parties and tourists alike.

If you are torn between a traditional church wedding and a ceremony in an exotic location, you can have the best of both worlds in the Caymans. The islands are home to many churches, ranging from small chapels to large cathedrals. Many couples get married in a church then have their reception on the beach or at one of the islands many other tourist attractions.

The Cayman Islands have more to offer than just church and beach weddings. Those who are looking for something out of the ordinary have numerous options. Cayman Brac’s Heritage House is an old-fashioned setting that is full of charm. Nature lovers can wed in the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, which is home to 40 acres of unspoiled woodlands. The Tree House, one of Grand Cayman’s newest venues, offers lovely beach views. The Pedro St. James National Historic Site is home to a restored 18th century manor and a favored wedding location.

Grand Cayman’s Butterfly Farm is a beautiful place to visit. You can also buy live butterflies there to release at your wedding. A butterfly release is not only beautiful and memorable; it also supports and encourages conservation.
After the wedding, there are numerous attractions and activities available to the couple and their party. From festivals to art shows to fishing tournaments, there is something for everyone. If you have a particular interest, chances are you could schedule your wedding to coincide with related events.

Adventurous types are in for a treat in the Caymans. The islands are home to several explorable caves. They are also a popular scuba diving destination. You can swim with the stingrays at Stingray City, or view the shipwrecks nearby Cayman Brac. Less daring nature lovers enjoy Stingray City as well. No diving is required, as the friendly stingrays will swim into shallow water in hopes of being fed. The Cayman Turtle Farm is another popular animal attraction with over 16,000 sea turtles.

The Cayman Islands are a favorite vacation destination, and provide a wealth of options for those who wish to get married there. Their exquisite beauty,
wonderful accommodations, and abundance of activities are some of the qualities that make the Caymans a wonderful place for a couple to begin their life together.