Saint Martin

Saint Martin is a Caribbean island that has unique features. The island is segmented into two sections. The French rule section and the other section of the Netherlands. Philipsburg is the Dutch capital while Marigot is the French team capital. This island is well-known for sandy beaches and rocky caves. It is a popular place among cruise ships.

There are many things to see and do on the island. The butterfly farm offers the opportunity to walk through a trellis barn filled with brightly colored butterflies. The Pic du Paradis is the uppermost part of the place and gives amazing views of the sea. That is a beautiful place for a day trip, especially if visitors bring a picnic basket.

Although the interpretation of promenade varies from person to person, Saint Martin is a place that has something dedicated to everyone. A trip to Saint Martin ensures a good time with your family and friends. A trip to St. Martin means seeing the beauty of nature and doing things you have not done before. Both sections of the island are well developed and have their unique charm with many rented properties to meet your needs.

The island’s most prominent attractions are sandy beaches. One of the most well-known beaches is Maho Bay, which is located near the airport. The other beach frequented by tourists is Molet Bay Beach. There are entirely some adventure sports and activities available on these beaches, such as snorkeling, aerial skiing, and diving. There are casinos that offer a decent opportunity to experience their luck and spend some money saved on cheap tickets to St Martin. The other wellknown beach on the island is the East Bay. It has fine sand and a large number of water sports. It also acts as a natural beach.

If you’re looking for more adventures, Buck Island, about 4 miles from Christian Steed, offers water sports and fantastic beach activities. The Island Monument of the National Buck is a paradise of about 800 acres of beaches of white sand, clear transparent waters, hiking trails, coral reefs, together with snorkeling trails. Some of the best specimens of colorful tropical fish that float around coral shelves can be found here.

As you pass across Saint Martin, there are many beaches and beautiful picnic areas, as well as historical sites that can be visited. St. Paul’s Garden is a sugar farm that has been renovated and worth visiting due to the gardens full of local plants and flowers in Saint Martin.

The French stay on the upper section of the island, while the lower section belongs to the Dutch. But the good thing is that visitors can walk freely. There are no sections between the French compound and the Dutch region that enhance security. The French section of the island offers a more sophisticated experience with fine shops and restaurants. The Dutch section is less expensive, with both colorful nightlife and casinos. There are no customs or formal boundaries between two sections of the island. One thing common to both regions is the abundance of sand and sun.

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