Saint Kitts

Saint Kitts is regarded as the gem of the Caribbean. It was formerly known as St. Christopher. It is among the first Caribbean islands to be discovered. Saint Kitts is a leeward island located in West Indies. It is a small country with a very small population of about 35,000. It is a great spot for tourists because of the great scenery and beautiful atmosphere it offers.

“Tell me about Saint Kitts” type of question can be answered here. It is about things that you don’t want to miss out on while in vacating in St. Kitts.

Brimstone Hill Fortress
Brimstone fort is often referred to as “the greatest fortress ever constructed in the Eastern Caribbean” It has been declared as World Heritage Site. It is an architectural marvel. You will be thrilled to learn how rainfall is stored through cisterns and channels. It is designed in such a way that it allows horses and carts to easily pass through up to the exit. The fortress is a must see if you plan on vacating here.

Wingfield Estate and Petroglyphs
European navigators acquired this place many years ago. If you love ancient history, then this is the best place for you. You will be able to acquire knowledge about the island, for example, you will get to learn the petroglyphic symbols and the pre-Columbian history.

St. Kitts Scenic Railway
The railway which is 18miles long will give you a glimpse of what St.Kitts looks like. The scenes of the island villages are overwhelming. In addition, you will be able to have a spectacular view of the lush rainforest, windmills and the abandoned sugarcane estates.

Catamaran Cruise to Shitten Bay
If you enjoy cruising, then you should try cruising to Shitten Bay. A Catamaran cruise will enable you to explore the sea life. You will be able to cruise to secluded bays and different undiscovered spots. Furthermore, it will give you a chance to learn about the history of the island. For example, if you cruise with Blue Water Safaris, they have a stopover at Shitten Bay, here you’ll be able to see the location where the slave ships docked which were coming from the Western coast of Africa.

Explore Basseterre
Basseterre is a lovely capital that you will have fun exploring. You will be excited to see the Independence Square which was commonly referred to as the Pall Mall Square. It was here where the slaves were auctioned off and the highest bidder was able to take them. You will also have a chance to marvel at the great architecture of Basseterre town.

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the Caribbean fruits like the Julie mangoes and sugar apple. The natives are very hospitable; therefore you will love your stay.

Sandy Point
This is another great tourist attraction site. It is the second largest place in St. Kitts. Tobacco trade takes place here. You will see the tobacco warehouses that were built by the Dutch West India Company.

St. Kitts is a real tropical paradise! It has very friendly people, beautiful landscape, rolling coastal plains and many other interesting places to visit as well. If you want a place where you can unwind and get to have an unusual experience, then St. Kitts is the best place for you.




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